Extend the core NetX with functions tailored to your needs.

Brand Portals

The experience of first time users says it all; new users tend to adopt the basic functions and workflow options quickly. We are continually focused on user interaction and ease-of-use.


The Workflow module is a collection of components that augment the NetX application into an asset workflow system. Find out more…

Ad Builder

The NetX Connect™ is a simple and effective tool that allows creative professionals to work with NetX assets and data directly from within the Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Metadata Manager

The NetX architecture features lightning fast search, automatic indexing, and saved searches, granular targeting, faceted search (search within results), and a highly optimized search engine core. Find out more…

Hydra Data Manager

The Hydra Data Application Manager is a system for synchronizing multiple instances of NetXposure Core (“instances”). The applications for this technology are numerous — providing the foundation for robust and scalable enterprise DAM deployments. Find out more…

InDesign Builder

Adobe InDesign Panel for automating InDesign document production with assets and metadata from NetX. Design page components and templates ONCE, automatically flow in assets and data. Find out more…

Collaborative Review

NetX provides many options for automated, rule-based, and a-la-carte distribution of assets. With a full Web Services API, assets stored in the NetX platform can go literally anywhere, controlled by your own permissions.