Organizations that require functionally in addition to that provided in the core DAM can augment their solution with optional modules designed for specific workflows.


NetX-AI-Keyword-Tagging.015 copy Google Vision AI

NetX can now automatically understand the content of an image and associate relevant keywords and metadata.

InDesign Webtoprint template icons

Web To Print (/digital)


Empower your end users to customize MarCom materials with InDesign-based templates, editable online.


JIRA Connector

Creative projects, such as photography and design work, have many moving parts. Use NetX to manage the creative workflow, and JIRA to manage project timeline and deliverables


Brand portals

Develop a centralized hub for branded materials that can be accessed from anywhere and is fully responsive. From the standard “out-of-the-box” template to a fully immersive branded experience, NetX provides two versatile template options that require no coding.

Adobe CC panel DAM

Adobe CC Panel

Designers can access NetX files directly from Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. The NetX Adobe Connector plugs NetX directly into these Adobe creative suite applications, ensuring the most recent assets are at the forefront of your team’s design process.

Indesign Cloud Link Panel NetX

Indesign CloudLink

Optional add-on to the Adobe CC Panel which enables direct linking from InDesign Documents to remote NetX-based assets via an HTTP link.

netx-api-integration_bigAPI Services

NetX provides many options for automated, rule-based, and a-la-carte distribution of assets. With a full Web Services API, assets stored in the NetX platform can go literally anywhere, controlled by your own permissions.

030916_module_chute_integration Pages

Chute Connector

Discover user generated content (UGC), broker permission to use it, then ingest the asset and usage rights directly into NetX.

The NetX Chute Connector makes social media attributes and assets available in NetX.
Usage rights and social tags are automatically ingested as metadata attributes.


Visual search

Through the Visual Search search module, users have the ability to filter assets by any number of colors as well as use an image or video to find similar images and videos.
dam imaging engines

Add-on engines

NetX comes with built-in support for most file format types, but we also partner with certain technology vendors to extend our support of file format conversions.