July 30, 2014

NetX 7.1 includes Drupal integration, CMIS support, and ConceptShare Upgrade

NetXposure is pleased to announce version 7.1. This latest release continues down the path of NetX becoming the system of record for all brand assets. The focus of this release is expanding integrations, including better database synchronization tools, ConceptShare, Drupal, CMIS, and upgrades to NetX's new HTML5 interface.

In partnership with Seattle Drupal developers Fuse IQ, NetX is announcing direct integration with Drupal. The new integration allows assets and metadata to be fed from the NetX system into Drupal. The Drupal integration relies largely on NetX’s robust API, which is also getting an update as part of the 7.1 release.

NetXposure now supports CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) version 1.1.

“This is yet another example of NetX staying ahead of the curve and supporting open standards,” said NetXposure President, Jason Wehling.

As part of its release, NetX 7.1 offers a new sync feature, which can be tied into any external database — such as TMS (Gallery Systems), Embark, or any other custom database. This sync allows admins to define columns in the external database and map them to specific metadata fields — and determine if they need to be normalized — in the NetX system. The tool can also use multiple columns in the the external database to pinpoint an asset in the NetX system.

“We want to plug NetX into anything our customers use to store data,” said Wehling.

NetX 7.1 offers the second version of NetXposure’s HTML5 public beta. This new release offers expanded features and functions surrounding sharing, uploading, and metadata tagging; adding roughly 30 percent more of the core features of the NetX application into the new HTML5 front end.

An updated integration with ConceptShare, version 4, is also included in the 7.1 release. The new integration makes it easier than ever for enterprise marketers to keep up with the growing demand of easily reviewing, managing and approving work in progress assets. ConceptShare version 4 offers increased collaboration tools, making it easier than ever for teams to stay on the same page throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset.

September 20, 2013

Oracle SSO available through integration with NetX DAM

At one point in time, dial-up connection seemed state of the art. The same could be said for LDAP integration. But having integrated with LDAP since 2005, NetXposure quickly saw the future was in single-sign-on.

With NetXposure’s latest integration with Oracle, NetX now has an SSO solution to meet everyone’s needs.

As an early integrator with CAS, NetX can offer clients the option to use an open-source SSO solution. For those requiring a SaaS SSO option, NetX announced its integration with PingOne, an Enterprise Cloud-based SSO provider, last year. Now with Oracle, NetXposure can prove commercially supported on-premise SSO for its enterprise solutions.

For more information about how Netx can solve your SSO needs, contact us today. Read the following article for more information about digital asset management SSO.



May 29, 2013

Get the DAM out of the way

Let’s face it, no matter how great the UI, a DAM can be cumbersome for the typical power user.

We routinely hear, “so how do the assets get into the DAM? Do our designers have to upload them? Because that’s not going to work, they’ll never upload all of their files at the end of the day.”

Without digital assets, there is nothing to manage, there is no collaboration, there are no workflows — there’s no value. For firms with multiple team members working on a single project, it can be difficult to track work-in-progress assets and the status of the project, if assets aren’t being uploaded into the DAM. For this reason, Netx developed its I/O Tool (input/output).

The desktop tool keeps designers’ work-in-progress assets stored and organized in the DAM, without disrupting the designers’ workflow — while at the same time allowing project managers and other designers to stay up to date on the status of the project.

This process is done by setting up Watched Folders within the I/O Tool, which allows users to map folders from their local machines to categories in the DAM. The user can choose to map assets from their local drive up to the server, pull down assets from a category in the DAM, or perform a bi-directional sync of assets.

So if a designer in San Francisco is working on the same project as team members in Seattle, they can configure the I/O tool to pull down all of the new assets the Seattle team has uploaded into the DAM at set intervals throughout the day, so they’re aware of how the project is developing.

For work-in-progress assets, the user can also tell the tool whether to version, or replace older assets. By selecting “version”, the DAM will provide a clear picture of how the project has progressed, showing versions of the project as it has evolved through the creative cycle. If the project took a wrong turn at some point, simply find the last version that was on the right path and begin working from that asset.

The Netx I/O Tool also features the ability to drag and drop entire folder structures, including nested folders, into the DAM. This feature is incredibly handy for bulk ingesting assets into the DAM from an existing file structure without having to worry about going back to reorganize things.

The I/O Tool is especially ideal for fast-paced creative and production teams.

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October 25, 2012

DAM and SSO (Single Sign On)


DAM SSO SIngle Sign On

For enterprise organizations, moving quickly and easily through networks and applications is a necessity. But at the same time, security is critical. This is why NetXposure offers a wide variety of Single Sign-On (SSO) options for our clients.

SSO simplifies user experience with a single authentication event that integrates with all systems throughout an organization — without the need to login to multiple systems. You login once, and move between applications seamlessly. SSO not only makes the lives of users and system administrators easier, but it also saves the cost of managing user accounts across several applications.

NetXposure is pleased to announce its integration with PingOne, to offer a quick and easy SSO option for enterprises. You simply sign up for their cloud service, and NetXposure seamlessly integrates with your PingOne Identity account. It’s configured with your Identity Provider (IdP), using secure protocols such as SAML and OpenID, and it’s all encrypted. PingOne supports broad user identities, such as Active Directory, Salesforce or Google Apps. It’s your account and your users — PingOne brokers the authentication without the user having to do anything.

For those looking to directly manage their SSO infrastructure, NetX still supports the Central Authentication Service project (CAS) as well.


People want simple single sign-on. Employers want secure single sign-on. PingOne enables SAML-based single sign-on for their employees. PingOne is an Identity as a Service in the Cloud that connects people and application providers — such as NetXposure — in a simple and secure way. One login for employees to securely access all of their SaaS applications from any device. One place for IT to manage access and provisioning – and no passwords or user information ever leaves their control.

NetXposure is partnered with PingOne to provide a Cloud-based approach to SSO with the DAM. Your organization simply creates an Identity Provider (IdP) account (and accompanying setup and configuration) with PingOne. And with that, the integration with NetXposure is seamless. All authentication is done via PingOne, and communicated to NetXposure over the secure SAML protocol.

Reasons to choose PingOne for your NetXposure-SSO solution:
• No new hardware or software to host or manage.
• Cloud SSO is 3x less expensive than building and maintaining SSO in-house.
• High Availability / Disaster Recovery with 99.9% SLA and SAS70 Type II compliant facilities.
• Security – SSL connections with 3rd party security reviews of code, operation and penetration.

September 18, 2012

NetXposure heads to Createasphere in NYC

NetXposure is heading to the Big Apple for Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference, Sept. 27-28. Stop by the Evening Reception on Sept. 27 where the NetXposure team will be talking DAM and hosting a cocktail party.

If you’d like to schedule some face time with the NetX team to tell us about what you’ve been up to, or hear what we have planned for the next year, shoot us an email  and we’ll set up a time to talk. See you in NYC!