Get the DAM out of the way

Let’s face it, no matter how great the UI, a DAM can be cumbersome for the typical power user. We routinely hear, “so how do the assets get into the DAM? Do our designers have to upload them? Because that’s not going to work, they’ll never upload...
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Regarding #DAM

To most, a dam is a barrier in a river. In our world, it’s an acronym for digital asset management. On Twitter, it’s something else entirely. Netx has been involved in DAM for quite some time, but hasn’t been much of a Tweeter. I know,...
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Box.com Integration

Netxposure is announcing full integration with Box.com. Some may ask “Why integrate my Enterprise Digital Asset Management system with something like Box?” For us the answer was simple: We have clients that utilize Box in a variety of ways....
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