July 26, 2010


At the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management Conference in New York City (May 20-21) Steven Moore, the Database Administrator from the Museum of Modern Art, was a featured presenter. He discussed the museum’s successful approach to technical integration of NetXpoure’s DAM with legacy collections management systems (such as TMS from Gallery Systems) using NetXposure’s Web Services API.

November 17, 2009

Cornell CASE Award

Cornell University wins a CASE Circle of Excellence Award with NetXposure’s DAM + Ecommerce Technology.

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Cornell University wins a 2009 CASE Circle of Excellence Award by using NetXposure’s DAM + Ecommerce technology to promote the university, connect with the Cornell community, and provide a revenue generating service from previously under-utilized digital assets.

As one the largest Ivy League universities (19,800 enrollment, over 255,000 living alumni) Cornell University has an exceptionally diverse community of students, faculty, and alumni. Among the challenges for the Division of University Communications at Cornell is to maintain connections to this vast network of “Cornellians”. In addition, this division serves as the university’s link to national and international media organizations, as well as the campus resource for marketing, digital and print media, graphic design, video, and photography.

Housed in University Communications is Cornell University Photography, a commercial photography studio offering a full range of photographic services in support of the university’s communication efforts. University Photography produces original photography for the marketing needs of Cornell and shoots for the Cornell Chronicle, the university’s newspaper. Each year the department shoots about 45,000 high-resolution photos of academics and research, campus life, special exhibits and events, and maintains an extensive library of over 25,000 historical images.

With Cornell’s library of digital images growing at an astounding rate, University Photography realized the need for a cost effective, easy-to-use solution to create and manage a centralized, web-based photo library. Additionally, they needed a way to simplify the system for internal photo requests, create an efficient way for the Cornell community at large to access images, and reduce the costs and resources associated with fulfillment of those requests.

To meet these criteria, Cornell chose NetXposure’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution with the EC Kit option – a robust Ecommerce add on module that seamlessly syncs with the DAM. The result was the “Cornell University Image library”, a customized, publicly accessible website managed through an internally accessible DAM. It allows users to search a large (and rapidly growing) archive of images either by keyword search, or by navigating a well organized category structure. Once users find the image(s) they want they can order digital or print versions in a variety of sizes, and then pay online with a secure transaction. In essence, Cornell has used NetXposure technology to create a revenue generating service from previously under-utilized digital assets, which also serves as a tool for connecting with the university community.

“NetXposure’s solution has opened up our photo archives and day-to-day business in a way that wasn’t possible before. It allows us to take our digital assets and better promote and distribute them to the public, which in some cases before just languished in file cabinets.”

Corey Chimko, Digital Resources Coordinator, Cornell University Photography

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) is an international professional association serving educational institutions and the advancement professionals who work on their behalf in alumni relations, communications, development, marketing and allied areas. With nearly 3,400 colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, and independent schools, CASE has nearly 22,000 members in 59 different countries.

In 2009, CASE awarded Cornell University a “Circle of Excellence Award” for the Cornell University Image Library. This award program recognizes outstanding work in communications and marketing, alumni relations, advancement services, and fundraising as judged by peer professionals at schools, colleges and universities as well as by professionals from outside education. For more information on this organization and award program, visit the CASE website at www.case.org

DAM + EC Kit Technology

EC Kit is an optional add on module to NetXposure’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. It is a stand alone solution, separate from the DAM, that provides all the necessary front-end and back-end systems for selling digital goods stored in the DAM.

EC Kit runs as a separate interface with an easy to use, custom branded look and feel that non-technical users will be comfortable using. The public facing front-end provides all the standard ecommerce basics: user registration, asset browsing, searching, listing, zooming, add to cart, and secure purchase transactions.

EC Kit relies on a Services Oriented Architecture to remotely access data contained within the DAM via a Web Services API that utilizes SOAP over HTTP. All the data accessible from the EC Kit front-end (category structure, assets, metadata, etc.) comes directly from the DAM, however user roles and access permissions are entirely separate from the DAM. Therefore, DAM administrators can control and limit the categories and assets that will be accessible from the EC Kit front-end.

The EC Kit “Back Office” provides standard ecommerce functions including registered user management, order tracking, customer generated product specifications, and system activity statistics reporting. At any time administrators can use the Back Office to search for orders for critical information such as who placed the order, date and time order was placed, what product was ordered (e.g. SKU), and the purchase amount.

EC Kit can be configured to process payment transactions in real time. Common third party payment gateway technology (e.g. Paypal, etc.) is utilized to ensure that all financial transactions are secure.

About NetXposure

NetXposure delivers software solutions that reduce the time and cost of content production, maximize ROI from media assets, and streamline the workflows of managing large libraries of digital files.With a history as an industry pioneer in developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), NetXposure has become a leader in delivering Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

Founded in 1995, NetXposure is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with an offices in London, England and Tokyo, Japan. For more information visit www.netx.net or call 503.499.4342.

June 3, 2008

Mercy Corps Updates Image Management System with NetXposure

PORTLAND, Ore. – June 3, 2008 – NetXposure, Inc., a leading provider of digital asset management solutions, today announced that Mercy Corps, one of the world’s leading global humanitarian organization, is using NetXposure to streamline the creation, management and distribution of the organization’s digital content. The new NetXposure DAM solution improves Mercy Corps’ ability to utilize assets such as photographs, graphics, videos, PDFs and documents for use in Web and printed marketing programs that helps raise awareness of the organization’s global relief and development efforts.

With over 3,500 staff operating in over 35 countries, Mercy Corps was seeking a robust web-based digital asset management system that could manage all of its digital content in one central repository and that was easily accessible by production specialists and field operatives located all over the world.

“As a global organization, we have unique workflow requirements. We were looking for a DAM system that was easy to use, accessible from anywhere, scalable and flexible,” said Angela Murray at Mercy Corps. “NetXposure fit these requirements. Plus, the solution’s open API enables the type of customization Mercy Corps requires, enabling localized language translation for example.”

When fully implemented, the NetXposure DAM repository will contain tens of thousands of files, including photographs, graphics, videos, PDFs and documents. An intuitive Flex-based user interface and advanced support for XMP metadata help Mercy Corps improve workflow efficiencies and team collaboration, both of which contribute to lower costs and improved productivity for the organization.

The NetXposure solution contains XMP Sync, a feature that automatically extracts XMP information from media files upon import into the DAM and indexes those attributes for searching and categorization. Any changes made to attributes are automatically re-written to all associated XMP metadata in the individual files, thus minimizing the effort and time required to ingest and catalog digital images.

NetXposure is an enterprise-class digital asset management solution that combines the flexibility of the Web with the responsiveness of the desktop. Re-architected as a rich Internet application utilizing Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex technologies, NetXposure version 5 now delivers an intuitively expressive user experience that runs identically in all major browsers and operating systems. It provides real-time, seamless interactivity with digital assets from virtually any application, including built-in integration with Adobe Creative Suite 3.The result is a more efficient way to create, manage and deliver marketing assets and brand imagery while providing the rich user experience that today’s marketing and creative professionals expect.

About NetXposure
NetXposure makes software products that empower organizations to efficiently create, manage, distribute and market digital content. Founded in 1995, NetXposure is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Tokyo, Japan, Bangalore, India and London, England. For more information on NetXposure’s products and services please visit our website: http://netx.net or call (503) 499-4342.

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March 4, 2008

Catalina Marketing Utilizes NetXposure to Support Targeted Advertising at Point of Sale

PORTLAND, Ore. – March 4, 2008 – NetXposure today announced that Catalina Marketing, the world leader in behavioral marketing solutions, is using NetXposure digital asset management (DAM) software as a key component of their new Catalina Targeted Advertising product. Utilizing NetXposure DAM, Catalina helps consumer goods manufacturers and retailer clients deliver more effective, targeted communications that drive awareness and impact consumer behavior.

The new Targeted Advertising product uses Catalina Marketing’s large database of shopper purchase information to deliver printed ads and messages to shoppers directly at point of sale. Like all Catalina Marketing communications, each print is uniquely targeted to the individual’s shopping behavior. Recent studies have shown the impact of Catalina communications as an advertising tool on brand awareness, recall and volume. Recent tests conducted by comScore show that Catalina Targeted Advertising can increase brand awareness by 16 percent, brand recall by 24 percent and volume lift by up to 35 percent.*

Catalina utilizes NetXposure to store and organize thousands of product images from clients, specifically consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. Leveraging NetXposure’s flexible service oriented architecture, Catalina has linked the DAM system with its decision support database and business intelligence software, helping to enable Catalina to deliver customized, targeted advertisements at point of sale, Together, the information systems assist Catalina’s clients deliver more effective consumer communication, increasing brand awareness, recall and volume.

“We’re integrating NetXposure into our daily business, accessing the power of the system through other systems,” said Dave Larson, senior director of Creative Services at Catalina. “Given the sheer size of our network, our recent color printer upgrades and the scope of our business on a daily basis, we had to develop better, more efficient ways to recall our graphics. NetXposure has the ability to be more than a standalone digital asset manager. It helped us think outside the box to help support and expand the way Catalina does business.”

Separately, NetXposure will be exhibiting at the American Associations of Advertising (AAAA) 2008 Media Conference & Tradeshow, March 5-7 in Orlando, Florida. Visit booth # 327 to see a demonstration of NetXposure’s newest DAM system, NETXPOSURE 5 that combines the flexibility of the Web with the responsiveness of the desktop for streamlined creation, management and delivery of marketing assets and brand imagery.

About Catalina Marketing Corporation
Based in St. Petersburg, Fla., Catalina Marketing Corporation was founded 25 years ago based on the premise that targeting communications based on actual purchase behavior would generate more effective consumer response. Today, Catalina Marketing combines unparalleled insight into consumer behavior with dynamic consumer access. This combination of insight and access provides marketers with the ability to execute behavior-based marketing programs, ensuring that the right consumer receives the right message at exactly the right time. Catalina Marketing offers an array of behavior-based promotional messaging, loyalty programs and direct-to-patient information. Personally identifiable data that may be collected from the company’s targeted marketing programs, as well as its research programs, are never sold or provided to any outside party without the express permission of the consumer.

About NetXposure
NetXposure makes software products that empower organizations to efficiently create, manage, distribute and market digital content. Founded in 1995, NetXposure is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Tokyo, Japan, Bangalore, India and London, England. For more information on NetXposure’s products and services please visit our website: http://netx.net or call (503) 499-4342.

*Test results of six advertising pilots. Statistically significant difference between test and control at 90% confidence level. Results represent the weighted average performance across all tested executions within each brand pilot.

Media Contact:
Heather Racicot
NetXposure, Inc.
Public Relations
heather (at) netx (dot) net
(360) 632-5616