June 7, 2011

InDesign Workflow: Place images from the DAM

NetXposure’s Creative Suite Workflow application allows designers to browse, search, open, import, check in/check out  files, from a desktop Creative Suite Apps.

Using NetXposure’s CS Workflow application, teams connect to the centralized repository, keeping all assets organized, easily retrievable and secure.

InDesign users  have several specific functions made available for InDesign workflows. Creatives can checkout and open their INDD files from the DAM. They can browse and search for imagery, and place those DAM-managed files into InDesign layout. When the INDD is checked back into the DAM, the system automatically detects placed assets and records updates.


With your layout complete, production managers can easily retrieve the project files, convert it into a PDF to be sent to the printer.

The ability to manage images and text without having to leave the application saves designers, layout workers and editors streamlines and supports creative workflow and saves teams lots of time so they can focus on what’s important — being creative.

InDesign Workflow Video

Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Centralized asset management – Open, edit, and save INDD  files from the DAM repository from directly within Adobe InDesign and other Creative Suite applications.
  • InDesign “Place” command –  images can be placed from the DAM directly into InDesign.
  • Version Control – Version your InDEsign files and changed embedded images with each check-in.
  • Linked Assets – When INDD files are checked in, the DAM detects placed images and stores them as Linked Assets

NetXposure’s CS Workflow application is available through the company’s Workflow Module, a collection of applications that help media workers, admins and creatives manage workflows and digital assets from origination to publication.

More information about the NetXposure CS Workflow Module

May 27, 2011

NetXposure + Flash Media Server Integration

Adobe Flash Media Server Integration

Why Integrate With FMS?

Out of the box, NetXposure does a solid job of presenting video assets to its users. With a configured video transcoder, NetXposure will provide keyframes and an FLV proxy with integrated player. So why mess with a good thing?

Adobe Flash Media Server (FMS) provides a number of distinct advantages:

  • Dynamic Streaming — Most users are familiar with the standard “progressive” download players. Think YouTube. You select a video and it starts downloading whether you watch it or not. And worse, if you skip forward, the video pauses for awhile while the player buffer enough bits to start playing again. “Dynamic streaming” on the other hand saves bandwidth because it only provides the bits that are actually playing while allowing user a better experience because they can seek at any point in the video, nearly instantaneously.
  • Bandwidth Detection — instead of having your users choose from a variety of video file sizes — and in many cases the user simply won’t know what’s best — FMS can provide automatic bandwidth detection within the player so that the correct video is streamed. In fact, the video stream can adjust the bandwidth throughput if the connection speed changes mid-stream, or if the user selects a higher or lower quality — on the fly!
  • Performance — FMS can offload the video streaming work to a secondary server unburdening the DAM from high user concurrency streaming. In fact, FMS can be deployed in a load-balanced configuration for horizontal scaling.
  • Better Quality — the default proxy video in NetXposure is provided in the FLV format. However, FMS supports FLV, F4V, and H264. So you can improve the video quality for a better user experience.
  • Security — FMS supports a variety of security mechanisms, including RTMP over SSL and the highly efficient RTMPE protocol.

The Way This Works

Adobe FMS is typically installed on a server separate from NetXposure (though this is a recommendation, not a requirement). Additionally, NetXposure requires that a separate video transcoding engine be available and configured, including Equilibrium MediaRich, Telestream FlipFactory, or FFMpeg.

Asset file are ingested into the NetXposure DAM, which then tasks the video engine with transcoding the asset file into various required media files, including keyframe thumbnails, and all the various video sizes, bitrates, and formats/codecs that are required — typically, this includes FLV and h.264 output files. These files are copied and served from the FMS server — typically over a network mount using NFS, SMB and others.

FMS Diagram

Various clients access assets through the DAM, and can access the streaming player there; the streams are then provided by the FMS server through the DAM video players — one for Flash Player enabled desktops, Flash Lite enabled mobile devices, and direct h.264 links for iPhones and iPads. For the Flash-based clients, the data can be streamed over RTMP/E. For any direct h.264  files, the connection can be secured with SSL over HTTPS.

FMS Network Topology

Flash Media Server AutoTask

The FMS integration also requires that you employ the AutoTask function of the Netxposure Workflow Module. This system will create the commonly required media files — including the Smil files — and copy them to the FMS server automatically. You can use the pre-built AutoTask by configuring the video you want to stream through FMS and, for example, pass all MP4, MOV, M4V, and MPG files to this AutoTask

This AutoTask produces the following output for each Asset file in


  • 20 keyframe images (thumbnails and previews).
  • 2 flv files with sizes 176×144 and 320×240 for Flash Lite enabled mobile devices.
  • 4 different h.264 mp4 movie files with sizes 176×144 (QCIF), 322×288 (CIF), 720×486 (D1) and 1280×720 (HD).
  • 1 h.264 mpeg file that is playable in iPhone.
  • A SMIL file generated to be used by FMS with different h.264 mpeg movies obtained. The SMIL file is saved as an “Asset View” for the video asset.


When an Asset has an available FMS stream, the user interface will present a “play” icon overlaid on the thumbnail and previews:

FMS enabled stream

Clicking the “play” icon, will launch the FMS streaming player:

FMS streaming player

This player provides controls for:
  • Dynamic seeking
  • Automatic and manual quality requests
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Volume
  • Secure streaming (if configured on the server)

March 5, 2008

NetXposure AIR Importer Now Available

PORTLAND, Ore. – March 5, 2008 – NetXposure, Inc., a leading provider of digital asset management software, today announced the availability of NetXposure AIR Importer, a tool that makes uploading large volumes of files to the NetXposure digital asset management system fast and efficient. Available as part of the company’s latest software, NETXPOSURE 5, the NetXposure AIR Importer utilizes the recently-released Adobe AIR technology to create a seamless connection between assets stored within the web-based DAM repository and any desktop application. This enables users to manage and edit asset files from virtually any desktop application, including the ability to drag-and-drop large batch files quickly and easily.

“Traditional web-based DAM applications are limited in their bulk upload and download capability – a limitation that can cause costly production delays for marketing and creative professionals,” said Scott Eilers, vice president of Sales and Marketing at NetXposure. “The NetXposure AIR Importer enables more efficient drag-and-drop importing from the desktop, delivering the type of upload experience users expect from desktop applications, complete with progress bar updating.”

Adobe AIR technology is a cross-operating system runtime that lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications (RIAs) that deploy to the desktop. Applications utilizing AIR technology provide the same Web-based deployment benefits while adding desktop integration and local data access.

NETXPOSURE 5 is a radically new enterprise digital asset management system that combines the flexibility of the Web with the responsiveness of the desktop. Re-architected as a rich Internet application utilizing Adobe AIR and Adobe Flex technologies, NETXPOSURE 5 delivers an intuitively expressive user experience that runs identically in all major browsers and operating systems. It provides real-time, seamless interactivity with digital assets from virtually any application, including built-in integration with Adobe Creative Suite 3. NETXPOSURE 5 helps streamline the creation, management and delivery of marketing assets and brand imagery while providing the rich user experience that today’s marketing and creative professionals expect.

The NetXposure AIR Importer is available today as part of NETXPOSURE 5. NetXposure will demonstrate the new capabilities of NETXPOSURE 5, including the AIR Importer at the American Associations of Advertising (AAAA) 2008 Media Conference & Tradeshow, March 5-7 in Orlando, Florida, booth # 327.

About NetXposure
NetXposure makes software products that empower organizations to efficiently create, manage, distribute and market digital content. Founded in 1995, NetXposure is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Tokyo, Japan, Bangalore, India and London, England. For more information on NetXposure’s products and services please visit our website: http://netx.net or call (503) 499-4342.

Media Contact:
Heather Racicot
NetXposure, Inc.
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June 6, 2007

NetXposure Releases New Plug-In for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Users

Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management Symposium, NEW YORK – June 6, 2007 – NetXposure, a leading provider of Digital Asset Management (Digital Asset Management) solutions, today announced the immediate availability of a free plug-in that automatically updates existing NetXposure Digital Asset Management solutions to be fully compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications.

NetXposure developed the plug-in known as the Creative Suite 3 Connector to allow users to access media files stored in the NetXposure repository directly from any Adobe CS3 application via Bridge and Version Cue, Adobe’s server-based file management system. The Creative Suite 3 Connector gives users the ability to browse, search, open files, import, check in / check out, delete, create / save versions, and view metadata without ever leaving the Adobe design environment. The result is a more efficient and powerful creative process.

“Direct integration with Creative Suite 3 positions Digital Asset Management in a more centralized and critical role in the overall creative production process and enables knowledge workers, creative teams and developers to now utilize the full potential of their creative assets,” said Scott Eilers, vice president of Marketing at NetXposure.

“NetXposure has done an amazing job leveraging our new open Version Cue CS3 API to provide a seamless connection between NetXposure and the Creative Suite 3 applications,” said Mike Wallen, senior product manager in Adobe’s Creative Solutions Business Unit. “The Connector plug-in builds on Creative Suite 3’s ability to enable creative workgroups to work more efficiently and collaborate more closely”.

The free Creative Suite 3 Connector for NetXposure plug-in is avaible now for download to existing customers from the NetXposure website.

About NetXposure NetXposure makes software products that empower organizations to efficiently create, manage, distribute and market digital content. Founded in 1995, NetXposure is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Tokyo, Japan; London, England and Bangalore, India. For more information on NetXposure’s products and services please visit our website: http://netx.net or call (503) 499-4342.

Media Contact:
Heather Racicot
NetXposure, Inc.
Public Relations
heather (at) netx (dot) net