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NetXposure is committed to providing high quality technical Support to ensure timely and accurate problem resolution to our Customers. NetXposure provides worldwide Support for all our software products — including NetXposure DAM, eCommerce, and other custom implementations.

Support and Maintenance

Support on all software supplied by NetXposure requires Support and Maintenance, which entitles Customers to the following:

  • All minor and major product upgrades
  • Unlimited Support Incidents
  • Rapid and reasonable incident response times
  • Full access to product knowledge base and related documentation
  • Upgrades

For customers who purchase Support and Maintenance, all product upgrades are included.


NetXposure provides an easy click-through installer for all Image Portal products. NetXposure also offers services for remotely installing your Image Portal software for a small fee. To utilize this service, you must provide remote access to the server on which the software will be installed. If a re-installation or reconfiguration is needed at a later date, additional fees may apply.


NetXposure offers a free two-hour general user training session via conference call with every purchase of NetX. Additional two-hour general user training sessions via conference call can be purchased separately. These consists of Q & A sessions and best practices demonstrations. Administration-level training sessions via conference call can also be purchased.

Getting Help

There are two main ways to get help:

  1. Login to our Support Portal 24 hours a day, and submit a support ticket (we will respond to your request within 8 business hours), If you don’t yet have an account, please contact support at netx dot net.
  2. For those with current maintenance contracts, if you still need help, call our Enterprise support line at (888) 650-NETX ( US only) between the hours of 9am to 6pm Pacific Time.