We’ll let you in on a little industry secret: it’s not the software that leads to a successful DAM implementation. It’s people managing it correctly, leading to users using it effectively — that’s what leads to success and real ROI.

The problem is, many managers charged with implementing a DAM don’t know where to start. Or, perhaps they’re faced with a second implementation after the first one failed. You need help: guidance, assistance, and best practices. Furthermore, there’s the task of getting all your stakeholders together and building consensus on:

  • What constitutes success?
  • Taxonomy and repository organization choices.
  • The scope of the metadata.
  • Permissions, rights, and enforcement.
  • System integration and the flow of data within your organization.

These are complex questions. And to answer them correctly, you need facilitated workshops that NetX is proficient at providing.

Our onboarding process takes you through a 8 - 12 week course of workshops formulated to help DAM managers successfully launch their DAM implementation.