Adobe CS Workflows

NetXposure has been working closely with Adobe for nearly a decade. We started by collaborating on their Adobe Graphics Server product, and have subsequently mastered and integrated many of their outstanding technologies within and around our products.

Currently we have a strong focus on building custom workflows around our Digital Asset Management system and Adobe’s Creative Suite applications — mainly Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. We can connect the DAM directly to the tools that your creative producers are familiar using. The goal is to make the DAM invisible so that it’s seamless, unobtrusive, and ubiquitous.

Connect to the DAM either within the Creative Suites point applications, or via custom AIR apps.
We accomplish this by building custom panels within particular point applications — such as Photoshop, or via custom AIR apps that can communicate automatically with any of the Creative Suite applications.

Best of all, we leverage our existing Web UI libraries and simply reuse components to rapidly and robustly build custom systems that are both stable and share a common UI (typically) with the main product UI. This means you can utilize the power of the DAM while retaining your own custom (or perhaps legacy) workflows.