Portland, Oregon-July 31, 2003-

NetXposure, Inc., a leader in providing focused Web applications, today announced the release of Image Portal X for Mac OS X. Image Portal X is a comprehensive digital asset management application that simplifies the administration and manipulation of complex image libraries through a Web browser.

Built on NetXposure’ s Exogen Application Framework, Image Portal X provides a central repository for collecting, storing, managing, processing, and distributing image assets. Access to these powerful features is enabled through an interface with unparalleled ease-of-use from a Web-based application. Organizations that are committed to the Apple platform, such as advertising, marketing and graphic design firms, will find Image Portal X a powerful yet simple-to-use digital asset management solution that is easily added to their existing infrastructure.

“Image Portal X for Mac OS X represents a significant addition to NetXposure’ s lineup of Web-based business applications,” said Jason Wehling, Vice President of Technology at NetXposure. “Mac OS X is an ideal platform for demonstrating the power of Image Portal to provide a complete image asset manipulation and management solution, particularly in graphic and design intensive environments.”

“With its UNIX-based foundation, reliability and support of open standards, Mac OS X is fast becoming a common operating system in large computing environments,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “With NetXposure’ s support of Mac OS X you have a powerful solution to manage image assets for a workgroup or an entire enterprise.”

Image Portal X enables users to centralize their entire library of images in a single catalog, saving time and reducing the complexity typically associated with managing a large number of images collected from, altered by and distributed to numerous internal and external sources. Image Portal X also gives users the ability to assign and manage metadata, such as photographer, copyright, date and associated keywords, making it easier to conduct searches and track images.

In addition, Image Portal X includes advanced image editing and manipulation, including dynamic generation of industry-standard image formats for print and the Web, such as PSD, TIFF and JPG, which offers users maximum control and flexibility.

“The addition of NetXposure’ s innovation and expertise in image management to the Macintosh platform represents a tremendous benefit to those who rely on Apple products for advanced graphic and design work,” said Okamoto. “Image Portal X complements the strengths of Mac OS X, as it offers users a powerful, fast and reliable solution while drawing on their existing knowledge to simplify their experience.”

About NetXposure

Founded in 1995, NetXposure is a leader in providing focused Web applications, including digital asset management, dynamic imaging, e-commerce, and content management. NetXposure empowers customers to automate, centralize, and easily access business processes from any platform or device. Leveraging its Exogen Application Framework, the NetXposure’ s software and services deliver unmatched ease-of-use with next-generation Web interfaces on a cornerstone of reliability and security.