Web Services API

Plug the DAM into anything.

With the Developer Toolkit an experienced Web developer can extend the functionality of NetX by creating custom processes that push and pull data to and from external systems, and create individualized Web sites with any and all data stored in your NetXposure repository. The Developer Toolkit is comprised of a number of components: a low-level Web Services SOAP API, JSON/RPC, an ActionScript library, and REST and RSS interfaces.

Developer Toolkit

NetX’s Web Services delivers a full SOAP API so you can essentially remote-control the application from any external system. The SOAP API itself is built on Apache’s Axis Web Service framework, meaning that it is entirely standards-compliant and interoperates with Java and .NET. The SOAP API provides SOAP- RPC over HTTP access to NetXposure, and includes documentation, sample Java code.

This provides for remote usage of NetX from any system that can communicate with standard Web Service protocols, such as SOAP and WSDL — allowing any such system to integrate directly with the repository. Most operations you can manually access through the Web User-Interface can be automated through the Web Service.

Web Services

What advantages does this service for NetX offer? Take for example, a manufacturer that uses NetX to store all product imagery, while also maintaining an Ecommerce store for retail — that Ecommerce store can integrate into NetX via Web Services. This integration can provide for automatic requests for product image shots in all necessary sizes, such as regular, thumbnail and zoom shots. Another potential use for the Web Service API is automatic importing of new assets. If assets bound for storage in the repository originate from an asset creation system, Web Services can be employed to automatically import those assets without the need to manually add them to NetX.

Additionally, the Developer Toolkit also provides access to other API formats, including RSS (and MRSS), JSON and XML objects using REST URL calls. These interfaces are even easier to use, allowing Web developers to build scripts with DAM-data using popular libraries such as JQuery.

Documentation and Support

The Developer Toolkit includes various JavaDocs, ASDocs, and other technical documentation regarding NetX’s APIs. This documentation is as extensive as it is technical — objects, data models, and much more. Additionally, the purchase of the toolkit provides API-specific support — engineers can answer your technical questions about the API. NetX’s Knowledge Base contains additional information on Web Services, REST, and details on other developer-related topics.

Custom Development

If you prefer that NetXposure develop custom modules for you, we have a experienced Professional Services team ready to assist. Please contact sales: sales at netx dot net.