Developer Toolkit

With NetX APIs an experienced developer can extend the functionality of NetX by creating custom processes that push and pull data to and from external systems, or create individualized Web sites with any and all data stored in your NetX repository.

  • Sync NetX across your enterprise.
  • Our APIs connect your assets, metadata, and previews anywhere online, so you can make use of NetX everywhere you need it to be.
  • One of the reasons NetX is known in the industry as the company with “geek chic”: our APIs are the most extensive than anyone’s. Our APIs are completely unabridged; and we provide a variety of formats and protocols: SOAP, REST, JSON/RPC, M/RSS, CMIS, and others.



X7: User Interface Framework

"X7" is a reusable system for launching your apps. We've done all the heavy-lifting so you don't have to. NetX provides an entire framework for building applications on top of the core DAM application.

  • X7 instances are single paged JavaScript applications.
  • Multiple X7 instances can be run on top of a single NetX instance.
  • X7 has a modular architecture, with modules that encompass various areas of DAM functionality (asset, cart, category, search).
  • The X7 router maps URLs under the application root to event handlers, so that normal browser history can be used to manage application state.
  • Views are responsible for rendering Model attributes into corresponding HTML templates using Underscore’s template engine.
  • A custom controller (‘/js/controller.js’) can be used to extend or override Class methods via prototype extension.



Developer Support

NetX engineers can assist your team through Professional Services. We can accelerate your development efforts by providing advice, guidance, and/or example calls to illustrate best approaches and practices.

Please contact us for further details.