Enterprise Hosting: Safe, Secure, Flexible

NetXposure has been hosting enterprise software applications since 1996. We offer an array of application hosting services that can be tailored to the specific budget and system requirements of each customer. All NetXposure servers are hosted from our data center located in Portland, Oregon. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide fast, reliable, and direct connectivity — including:

  • Fully redundant colocation facility eliminates the “weakest link”.
  • Secure, 10,000 square foot, redundant climate-controlled Tier 2 facility.
  • Dual independent power feeds, all UPS feed.
  • Multiple high-speed Internet connections eliminate single points of failure.

Standard and Dedicated Hosting

NetXposure provides an array of hosting options, including standard and dedicated hosting. Data backups are done quarterly for disaster recovery. There is no set-up fee for standard hosting. If you want a server all to yourself, NetXposure offers dedicated servers for hosting our applications. This ensures maximum availability and additional security for our clients. Dedicated hardware also allows individual applications to be tailored for peak performance.

Storage and Backups

If you have your own internal backup scheme, or simply want to save money, NetXposure’s Simple Storage solution provides as much storage as your needs require. The Simple Storage solution provides a solid and reliable foundation based on storage array appliances that incorporate redundant components so that they are highly fault tolerant.

While NetXposure provides industry-leading storage infrastructure that is robust and reliable, users can make mistakes. To mitigate accidental deletions, or other scenarios that lead to data-loss, NetXposure offers a Storage + Mirror solution. This service duplicates your data at a set interval — such as daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. So if you loose a file, it can be retrieved from this mirror copy. Additionally, a mirror can provide a hot-swap copy of your data for quick recovery in the event of a data loss.

Going a step further and providing a higher level of insurance against data loss, NetXposure offers a Storage and Backup solution. This service automatically backups up your data in at least five historic snap shots at time intervals that you can choose. With this solution, you can choose to backup daily, weekly, two weeks, monthly, and at 90 days — that’s five moments in time that you can recover to in the case of data loss.

Amazon S3

NetXposure integrates with the cloud storage service provided by Amazon. The Amazon S3 storage solution provides added security by storing at least three copies of your data in off-site locations. While Amazon S3 integration eliminates the need for local NetXposure storage, this approach usually requires higher bandwidth costs because files must flow between Amazon and NetXposure’s data centers. NetXposure charges a monthly fee to integrate with this service, and then the customer pays Amazon directly for their service. For more information on this service including pricing visit the Amazon S3 information page: http://aws.amazon.com/s3.

Offsite Mirroring

For disaster recovery requirements, or for mitigating catastrophic natural disasters, you can also choice off-site mirroring of your data. This service transfers a mirror copy of your data to a remote — geographically distant — data center. In an extreme case where your primary data was lost, the offsite mirror can be used to restore your data quickly. Please contact us for more details on this add-on solution.

Offsite Backups

You can opt to ship harddrives or other readily-accessible storage devices on to which NetXposure can backup data to that hardware (please contact NetXposure and verify your device before mailing). Such backups can be shipped back to you, or to a storage facility such as through a service such as Iron Mountain. There is a copy event cost as well as a per terabyte charge. All shipping, and any third-party secure storage costs (such as Iron Mountain) will be paid for by client. Please contact us for more details on this add-on solution.