Creative Suite Integration

Allowing creative professionals to work within the Adobe Creative Suite applications without having to manually download anything.

Creative Suite Connector

The NetX Connect™ is a simple and effective tool that allows creative professionals to work within the Adobe Creative Suite applications without having to manually download and manage asset files from the NetX system.


The NetX Connect™ runs as a panel within CS point applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The NetX Connect™ brokers information between Adobe Creative Suite apps and NetX.

While the panel behaves similarly to the main Web-based interface to the DAM, the NetX Connect™ is streamlined to provide only those features and functions needed for CS-based file editing workflows. The NetX Connect™ also works in concert with the other Workflow components to provide a complete system.


InDesign Builder

Adobe InDesign in-app panel for automating InDesign document production with assets and metadata from NetX. Design page components and templates ONCE, automatically flow in assets and data.

  • Automate the placement of images and data Directly from NetX to Adobe InDesign.
  • Utilize NetX as your central Product Information Management System (PIMS).
  • Easy revisions: Update Product data and re-flow your INDD file in minutes.
  • Output InDesign (INDD) and PDF automatically.
  • Streamline your publication processes across production teams.

Pair NetX Digital Asset Management with the NetXposure InDesign Builder and you can streamline workflows for DAM-based publishing with Adobe InDesign. With a centralized DAM connecting directly into page templates, you can employ direct process automation. Give your creative department the ability to be organized, accurate and most importantly, creative.

Co-op is one of Canada’s leading grocery chains, operating 99 regional grocery stores. The company sought out a solution to technical challenges related to the production of weekly inserts driven by product data from Oracle, where time and accuracy is critical.

Struggling to integrate the most up-to-date product information and imagery within InDesign, the team needed to improve the difficult and manual workflow forged from various legacy systems. The company sought out an enterprise-wide solution that would eliminate the time-consuming processes dedicated to managing and updating products through the weekly publishing process.


After consulting with the IT, Design, and Photography teams, the new system was implemented utilizing the NetXposure DAM tied to NetXposure’s InDesign Builder. The system streamlines collaboration between teams to ensure that repetitive layout tasks are eliminated, and product images and associated data are derived accurately and efficiently from a single managed repository, the NetX DAM. Co-op is now in full production of multiple bi-lingual inserts created weekly with InDesign Builder.

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