Advanced Search Engine

NetX features lightning fast search, automatic indexing, saved searches, and faceted search.

With a highly optimized index for embedded and external asset data, the search engine is embedded directly within the application. Administrators have control over a range of parameters for managing search to fit the needs of any organization. As usage of the software grows and changes, organizations and teams may find it helpful to modify the default behavior of the search action, and to either limit or expand on the way that assets are indexed. The NetX architecture features lightning fast search, automatic indexing, and saved searches, granular targeting, faceted search (search within results), and a highly optimized search engine core.

Granular and Faceted Search

NetX provides a wide array of searching capabilities. The Advanced Search provides for very granular and controlled searching:


Find precisely what you are looking for.

Saved Searches

And then, save that search for easy reuse. You can also share saved searches. Many users find that they use the saved searches — like “favorites” — over the category tree. For example, production staff may have certain assets assigned to them via attribute values and categories. This can easily be encapsulated into a saved search. Additionally, you can set up Saved Searches to notify you when there are changes to the result set.

Easy Search within a Search

When you’re using the simple keyword search or the category tree, often you’ll want to search within the current result set. And NetX let’s you do precisely this with the Search-within-a-search function:


Search Engine

The problem with search system that use the database directly (as some DAM’s do) is that databases can be incredibly slow when burdened with as much data as a DAM needs to manage.

On the other hand, the search engine provides a highly optimized index for all asset met data. This search engine is embedded directly within NetX, and the database is then used mainly for cold storage of the underlying data.

Furthermore, usually for large installations, NetX’s search engine can be decoupled from the main application server and installed on a separate server. This allows for indexing and searching tasks to be compartmentalized on a server with dedicated resources.

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