To most, a dam is a barrier in a river. In our world, it’s an acronym for digital asset management. On Twitter, it’s something else entirely.

Netx has been involved in DAM for quite some time, but hasn’t been much of a Tweeter. I know, I know. Well, here we are, and as we started, we looked into relevant hashtags. A quick search for the hashtag #DAM brought up hundreds of interesting posts, but none of them had to do with digital asset management. There’s #digitalassetmanagement, but that’s just too long.

Using the hashtag  #DAM is basically pointless; the DAM industry have already lost this hashtag to teenagers who slept in too late or missed the bus. We’re thinking the DAM community  can come up with a new hashtag to represent the Digital Asset Management  community.

After searching for possible solutions for short+useful hashtag that might be usable, we came up with #ReDAM. Short & basically unused. Now people in the community can post about topics regarding DAM, or ReDAM, and find posts pertaining to digital asset management. We’re going to try it out, who knows. If you agree, try  the #ReDAM tag and join in on the conversation. because as you can currently see, the #DAM conversation on Twitter isn’t worth “a DAM” hashtag

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