Emailing your company logo to a partner is an anachronism your company can’t afford to continue indulging.

You’ve invested so much into your brand. But you can’t leverage that investment if users find it too hard to obtain those materials. Users follow the path of least resistance: if they can only find a lower quality logo, or if they find the wrong one without knowing it — they’ll use it.

It’s important to understand that the real issue is: you have different user populations which have different expectations. DAM managers need all the power of the system so they can do their job: organizing, tagging, transcoding, etc. But for the user who simply needs to find and download the right logo — their user experience needs to be made much more simple: browse, search, download. That’s it.

The conundrum is often whether to use your DAM, which has everything but is also complicated for end-users — or to develop a web site, which while easier to use for the end-user, can too easily get out of sync with your DAM.

That’s the role of the Brand Portal: using the power of NetX on the backend, you can route your users to a simple and elegant portal that guides them to the right files, and with a much more simplistic interface.


Don’t forget the “Com” in MarCom

Brand is all about communication. So why is your brand portal simply a storefront of asset files? Sure, your users can find files, but what about context, meaning, and guidance in their usage?

Enter NetX Brand Portal with its MicroCMS, which allows you to build content pages to communicate your brand guidelines, strategies and messaging to your end-users. You can ever weave your brand assets with your content.

NetX’s Brand Portal module sits atop the main NetX DAM, so you get all the statistics and reporting there. But NetX’s Brand Portal also supports Google Analytics — allowing you to further analyze user traffic patterns to figure out what’s working (and what isn’t).

Unlike a simple web site, NetX’s Brand Portal provides optional authentication and/or user self-registration. Layer in Download Justification and Approval, and you can completely control your brand in one simple, yet sophisticated system.