Netxposure is announcing full integration with Some may ask “Why integrate my Enterprise Digital Asset Management system with something like Box?” For us the answer was simple: We have clients that utilize Box in a variety of ways. One impetus is related to permissions and user group requirements.  There may be particular users or groups that are utilizing Box directly for access, but have no need for workflow, or approval/review processes commonly managed via Netx.

Administrators may prefer to keep particular user populations outside of the Netx-LDAP-SSO  authentication groups. These groups don’t need the full-fledged DAM feature set, and more importantly, may not be in an LDAP or other group management system which is integrated with the DAM.

Box may also be called utilized by mobile-focused groups, who may already be utilizing Box as a primary point of access mor interacting with assets.

The NetXposure Box plug-in, allowing direct correspondence between the NetXposure DAM and  Box directories, was a collaborative effort between our existing clients and the Box development team. Existing Box users can now use NetXposure to search, browse and collect assets, and seamlessly push into any specified Box folder.

In addition, all of the enterprise features relied upon by Netx clients can be integrated into workflows. For example, Adobe Creative Suite users can push directly into the Netx DAM as usual from InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, and then push directly to from the Netx UI.

Voila! Let us know if you have any questions about integration of Enterprise DAM with your Acccount