February 17, 2017

NetX Releases Version 8.9

NetX 8.9 is now available for download or SaaS upgrade. NetX 8.9 provides UI enhancements and performance improvements to provide better overall user experiences for both internal and external users.  Release notes are available to learn more about the other enhancements not shown here.

The NetX team offers our continued thanks to everyone who provided input to help in our efforts to improve this NetX release. Please join us at the NetX Product Feedback Community to offer additional feedback and enhancement requests.

Folder Images for Brand Portals

The ability to choose images to represent folder content in Brand Portals has been added to the NetX HTML5 interface. This allows administrators to easily choose a representative asset to display as a folder icon in the folder editing modal of the standard HTML5 interface.
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.15.54 AM
Choosing an asset as a representative image for folder content.
Adding a custom thumbnail and custom thumbnails in a folder gallery.

Custom Thumbnails

Custom thumbnails may now be added to assets in the HTML5 interface. This allows for representative imagery to be utilized for audio and other non-visual assets, as well as other applications to allow for branding and other considerations.

Downloading System Attributes

System attributes can now be used on PDF contact sheets in HTML5 and are now included with attribute exports. This allows users to access both standard file information, such as image dimensions but the asset ID and other NetX generated data outside the DAM.
Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 3.06.33 PM
Attribute options now include system attributes.
February 16, 2017

Image Recognition AI with Google Vision

NetX now automates the application of keyword metadata.

Image Recognition

NetX can now automatically understand the content of an image and associate relevant keywords and metadata. The platform provides recognition of labels, objects and concepts, along with landmarks, logos, and even the facial expressions. This new tool enables a shift of focus for digital asset managers and end users alike, as tags from powerful machine learning models will be automatically generated.

“We have always prioritized metadata management and search,” said NetX President, Jason Wehling, “and we feel that this Google Vision initiative will revolutionize the experience of managing, searching and finding digital assets.”

By leveraging the AI engine of Google, a concept such as “extreme sport” can be detected in an image of a kayaker, or a cultural object like “the Eiffel Tower” in a picture of Paris.


Google Vision offers image recognition in the following areas:

Label Detection

Detect broad sets of categories within an image, ranging from modes of transportation to animals.

Logo Detection

Detect popular brand product logos within an image.

dam landmark detection AI asset management
Landmark Detection

Detect popular natural and man-made structures within an image.

google vision face detection dam
Face Detection

Detect multiple faces within an image, along with the associated key facial attributes like emotional state

Why NetX?

NetX has powerful bulk tagging tools, such as the Grid Editor and Quick Edit panel, for high volume tagging. However, this powerful new integration takes tagging efficiency to the next level

NetX DAM Google Vision
Media Contact:
Jessica Miller
January 5, 2017

NetX Version 8.8

We are pleased to announce that NetX 8.8 is now available for download or SaaS upgrade. This release introduces UI enhancements and performance improvements to provide a better overall user experience. Please read the release notes to learn more.

Thank you to all who continue to provide input to help improve each NetX release. To share your feature requests and product enhancement ideas please visit the NetX Product Feedback Community.

Thumbnail Slider

The most recent version NetX introduces a slider to change the display size of asset Thumbnails in the Card View of the NetX asset gallery. This allows users to view the thumbnail in more detail, or to adjust the size to include more assets on the screen.
Changing thumbnail size with the slider
User added watermark on downloaded image.

New Watermarking Options

Users can now create watermarked derivatives for image assets via the repurpose action or repurpose presets set by an administrator.

Administrators are now able to configure a non-destructive watermark to appear on all gallery, detail, preview, keyframes, and zoom views.

watermark options
Non-destructive watermark on image preview.
October 25, 2016

NetX 8.7 Release

NetX 8.7 is now available for download or SaaS upgrade. This release introduces an integration, UI enhancements and performance improvements to provide a better overall user experience. Read the release notes to learn more.

Thanks to everyone who provided input to help improve this NetX release. Please continue to share your feature requests and product enhancement ideas on the NetX Product Feedback Community.

Percolate Integration

NetX's Percolate Integration allows users to securely access media from a NetX DAM via the Percolate Web UI. The Percolate web application allows a NetX customer to easily share selected assets via various social media channels. Our Percolate integration performs all requests and accesses all files on behalf of a specific NetX user. This allows you to easily control which folders and assets are accessible via Percolate. Any assets the chosen user can see via the NetX application will also be accessible via Percolate.
Percolate screenshot
Expiring assets

Asset Expiration

Managing the expiration of assets in order to comply with rights management practices can be fraught. The NetX asset expiration feature now clearly marks an asset's expiration date and allows administrators to determine  how the asset is managed at expiration. All expiring assets are now gathered into a single gallery to be accessed and managed by administrators at any time.

Saved Search Notifications

Users may now subscribe to alerts to changes in their saved search results. This allows them to view new or modified assets that meet the criteria of the search criteria and determine the frequency of their updates.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.00.00 PM
Saved Search Modal
September 15, 2016

NetX Version 8.6

NetX 8.6 is now available for download or SaaS upgrade. This release introduces user interface (UI) enhancements and performance improvements. A detailed list of release notes outlines our latest enhancements and bug fixes.

Our thanks to everyone who provided input to help improve this NetX release. Please continue to share your feature requests and product enhancement ideas on the NetX Product Feedback Community.

Highlights of our latest enhancements:

Visual Search

Finding assets couldn’t be easier – Looking for inspiration and you are thinking fuchsia.  We provide you with more than a palette of a few select colors to search from, NetX allows for the selection of literally any color value. Find the perfect asset by either entering a specific hex code or picking a value from the advanced color wheel. The benefit of searching by color is that users aren't limited to just one — any number of colors can be chosen!

Visual search by color.

Visual search by color.

Video Clips

Managing metadata for time-based media has always been somewhat difficult. The NetX video clips feature enables creation and tagging of particular sub-clips. These segments of video can be searched and downloaded as individual clips.


Box.com Synchronization

Integration with Box.com enables two-way asset syncing directly with Box accounts. With sync activated, actions that occur in Box.com provides you with two way synchronization on a user configurable schedule.


Folder Facets

Folders are now available as a faceted navigation type. Assets shown in the Gallery can be quickly filtered by the folder they reside in.FolderFacets


Ready to upgrade to 8.6?

SaaS/Cloud customers

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On-Premise customers 

Download the latest release. Contacting support before upgrading is recommended.