September 15, 2016

NetX Version 8.6

NetX 8.6 is now available for download or SaaS upgrade. This release introduces user interface (UI) enhancements and performance improvements. A detailed list of release notes outlines our latest enhancements and bug fixes.

Our thanks to everyone who provided input to help improve this NetX release. Please continue to share your feature requests and product enhancement ideas on the NetX Product Feedback Community.

Highlights of our latest enhancements:

Visual Search

Finding assets couldn’t be easier – Looking for inspiration and you are thinking fuchsia.  We provide you with more than a palette of a few select colors to search from, NetX allows for the selection of literally any color value. Find the perfect asset by either entering a specific hex code or picking a value from the advanced color wheel. The benefit of searching by color is that users aren't limited to just one — any number of colors can be chosen!

Visual search by color.

Visual search by color.

Video Clips

Managing metadata for time-based media has always been somewhat difficult. The NetX video clips feature enables creation and tagging of particular sub-clips. These segments of video can be searched and downloaded as individual clips.

VideoClips Synchronization

Integration with enables two-way asset syncing directly with Box accounts. With sync activated, actions that occur in provides you with two way synchronization on a user configurable schedule.


Folder Facets

Folders are now available as a faceted navigation type. Assets shown in the Gallery can be quickly filtered by the folder they reside in.FolderFacets


Ready to upgrade to 8.6?

SaaS/Cloud customers

Contact support to schedule an upgrade.

On-Premise customers 

Download the latest release. Contacting support before upgrading is recommended.

August 17, 2016

Museum Digital Asset Management …and CMS

Over the past several years, we have helped a number of museums and cultural heritage organizations with an interesting problem: integration of Collections data with a Digital Asset Management system. As a result, many of the insights gathered through these collaborations are helping to shape the NetX platform around this type of data exchange.

Digital librarians, museum technologists and curators depend upon pristine object data for every artifact. Collections management systems evolved to manage this data, but often handled digital assets as an afterthought. Now that robust DAM systems can be fused with collections data, museums can rethink the best ways to manage and share collections online. However,  the decision to integrate a digital asset management system with a collections database is a shift in thinking, that requires consensus-building across departments.

As digital asset management systems have evolved, the capabilities have seemingly encroached upon the domain of Collections systems. Some analysts have speculated whether the DAM might someday supplant the Collections Management System. Yet, museums about to embark on a massive technology refactoring can’t wait for the future to catch up with functionality. They need to build a sustainable solution today, with room to scale tomorrow. This is why a hybrid approach works right now, using DAM to connect valuable collections system data with a museum-wide digital library.

Merging the old with the new provides an opportunity to evaluate what’s truly better. Our clients have found that a DAM’s robust media and data management features can be combined with a collection system’s relational database to deliver enhanced user experiences for a broad audience.  Specific departments typically see an increase in efficiencies when this happens. For example, connecting a DAM’s permissions and workflow capabilities with a collection’s legal and administrative records, can streamline copyright management and protection. And combining transcoding and HTML5 features from DAM, museums can simplify production and publishing processes for a variety of teams.

In art, the idea of “Gestalt” describes a whole experience that exceeds the sum of the parts. Digital asset and collections management systems combined can be key ingredients for making this magic happen. Although our projects are firmly rooted in technology, we are inspired by the creative ways our museum clients utilize DAM and CMS. These organizations are deeply committed to making artistic treasures more accessible today and preserving a legacy for future audiences to enjoy. Read our case study on how MoMA NY combined their digital asset and collections management systems.

Here are some areas of focus with our museum clients here at NetX:

  • Integration with museum collections management systems such as TMS (The Museum System), TMS Embark, and we’re working with other platforms such as KE Software’s Electronic Museum management system, EMu, and Mimsy.
  • development of robust taxonomies, inclusive of collections data *and* other data sets… to power comprehensive search/browse/collect/share functions.
  • Automation of repetitive media processing and management workflows
  • Migration of  assets and data from any 3rd party systems, (including existing DAM systems)

If you have interest in these areas, please let us know,.

**Note: If you found this because you were thinking of web CMS (not “Collections” CMS), please see our Drupal DAM Module post or the module itself on

April 21, 2016

NetX Version 8.5

NetX 8.5 is now available for download or SaaS upgrade. This release introduces UI enhancements and performance improvements to provide a better overall user experience. Read the release notes to learn more.

Thanks to everyone who provided input to help improve this NetX release. Please continue to share your feature requests and product enhancement ideas on the NetX Product Feedback Community.


Faceted Navigation

Faceted Navigation allows assets to be filtered in the Gallery using existing file metadata and attributes. For example, the results of a search for .jpg images can be filtered by size, creation date, and/or any other custom attributes you have configured. Facets are visible anytime you are viewing assets in the Gallery, whether they be from browsing a folder, viewing saved searches and collections, or performing a search.


Streamlined Download and Sharing

We've revamped the user experience around Download and Sharing workflows and introduced a slick new landing page that allows recipients to quickly choose which assets, derivatives, and data that they want to download. 


Redesigned Dashboard

 Our new dashboard lets you keep tabs on your favorite trends such as 'Most Viewed' and 'Latest Uploads'. Each pod can be dragged and placed to suit your visual style, and we've added some extras such as the ability to view assets in a particular Collection or Saved Search.


Faster Search

 A re-optimization of the caching system has dramatically improved search performance in the application.

February 12, 2016

NetX Version 8.4

NetX 8.4 is now available for download or SaaS upgrade. This release introduces UI enhancements and performance improvements to provide a better overall user experience. Read the release notes to learn more.

Thanks to everyone who provided input to help improve this NetX release. Please continue to share your feature requests and product enhancement ideas on the NetX Product Feedback Community.


A more productive workspace

The NetX actions and controls that digital asset managers use most are now available in an intuitive and user-friendly HTML5 interface.

  • View, edit, and configure embedded metadata synching from the asset detail pane

  • Preview image assets close-up using media zoom feature

  • Analyze visitor traffic and usage trends to your NetX application and/or brand portals with Google Analytics


Attribute SetManager (formerly Metadata Manager) fully supported in HTML5

Admins can configure "sets" ("Collections") and triggers directly from the new UI.

NOTE: Using Attribute Set Manager simultaneously in Flex and HTML5 is not supported in 8.4.


Define and save custom preset actions

 Save time and busywork with custom saved "presets" of NetX actions that carry out specific tasks, like creating derivative files or applying bulk metadata.


NetX + JIRA Service Desk 6

 Now it’s easy to import assets and field content directly from JIRA Service Desk 6 tickets into NetX. Use this feature to cut out the busy work for graphics or image requests. This module was built in partnership with our integration and services partner, Modula4.


NetX + Microsoft Azure

NetX is an ideal solution for for clients running Windows server technology. Now you can connect NetX to web applications running on Microsoft Azure BLOB Storage, and feed assets to an Azure-based Content Management Solution and / or Azure CDN.