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DAM Workflows: Catalina's "System of Record"

You may not know the Catalina Marketing Corporation, but odds are that you did touch their coupons the last time you checked out of the grocery store.   Catalina enables manufacturers and retail brands to deliver targeted incentives and promotions...
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MCN Seattle

NetX was happy to sponsor and exhibit at this year’s Museum Computer Network event in Seattle. The conferenre ends today, and it’s been an exceptionally interesting event, specifically for us in the area of museum digital asset management....
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NetXposure heads to Createasphere in NYC

NetXposure is heading to the Big Apple for Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference, Sept. 27-28. Stop by the Evening Reception on Sept. 27 where the NetXposure team will be talking DAM and hosting a cocktail party. If you’d like...
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Regarding #DAM

To most, a dam is a barrier in a river. In our world, it’s an acronym for digital asset management. On Twitter, it’s something else entirely. Netx has been involved in DAM for quite some time, but hasn’t been much of a Tweeter. I know,...
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Using Amazon S3 Storage with NetXposure

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a distributed, highly available and cost effective storage system that is part of Amazon’s Web Services offering. NetXposure can be configured to store and manage files and metadata stored at Amazon S3, providing...
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