September 23, 2005

NetXposure announces Image Portal X 4.0 at Apple Expo – Paris

Paris – September 23, 2005 —

NetXposure announced today the upcoming release of Image Portal X, V. 4, the leading web-based digital asset management (DAM) solution built specifically for the Mac OS X platform. The latest version enables organizations with large digital libraries to increase performance and efficiency through Image Portal enhanced integration with Apple advanced QuickTime video and Spotlight searching technology and seamless integration with Adobe Creative Suite.

The announcement was made at Apple Expo 2005, held at the Paris Expo, where NetXposure is exhibiting in Stand No. 53/Professional Services area.

Image Portal X is a full-featured, efficient and cost-effective web-based repository for managing large libraries of digital images and other files. Optimized for use with Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID technologies, Image Portal X meets the needs of any organization with print flow requirements such as ad agencies, apparel companies, educational institutions and government agencies.

“Image Portal X does more than let us store, archive, locate, transform and process all our still and moving image assets in an easy-to-use web-based interface, it gives us the power to really put them work in our digital production environment,” said Lee Faulkner, media director of Yale University Digital Media Center for the Arts. “There is nothing else out there like it and I can’t wait to see what the next release holds.”

Other features available with Image Portal X include web services, WebDAV, LDAP support, auto-tasking, batch tasking, versioning (check-in/check-out), multiple user levels, user group access restriction, statistics reporting, localization for six languages, and workflow customization from NetXposure Professional Services team.

About NetXposure
NetXposure makes software products that empower organizations to efficiently create, manage, distribute, and archive digital content, with solutions for users of Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux, and seamless integration with Adobe? leading image processing technology. Founded in 1995, NetXposure is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with offices in Bangalore, India and Tokyo, Japan. For more information on NetXposure products and services please visit the NetXposure website: or call (1) 503-499-4342.

June 8, 2005

NetXposure ships Image Portal Enterprise Edition advanced web-based digital asset management solution featuring Adobe Graphics Server is designed for the needs of global organizations.

Los Angeles, CA – June 8, 2005-

NetXposure announced today the immediate availability of Image Portal Enterprise Edition, the latest in their series of leading Digital Asset Management solutions. The announcement coincides with NetXposure’s exhibition of Image Portal EE at the June 7 – 8 Digital Media Summit in Universal City.

Image Portal is an advanced Web-based repository for storing, accessing, repurposing, and distributing large libraries of digital files. Highlights of the Enterprise Edition include two CPUs of Adobe Graphics Server, the Global Application Manager and the Metadata Manager. Adobe Graphics Server enables server-based image repurposing capability for print and the Web including size, format, DPI, color space, cropping, and more. The Global Application Manager allows for a multiple location system that is fault-tolerant and load balanced with geographically appropriate services. The Metadata Manager enables assets to be assigned an unlimited number of unique metadata fields based on user group, asset category, or asset attribute. This gives organizations with multiple offices or departments the ability to customize the criteria with which each file is stored, searched, and retrieved.

“Efficiently managing the creation and repurposing of graphics for print and the Web can be a challenging task for many organizations — particularly those coordinating the work of multiple locations.”, said Priscilla Knoble, Adobe’s Groups Product Manager for AGS. “Image Portal Enterprise is an effective solution that addresses these unique needs by leveraging the powerful image processing technology of Adobe Graphics Server.”

Other notable features available with Image Portal EE include Web Services, WebDAV, Auto-Tasking, Batch Tasking, Versioning (Check-In/Check-Out), Advanced Searching, multiple user levels, user group access restriction, LDAP Support, Statistics Reporting, Localization for six lanuguages, Plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS, and workflow customization from NetXposure’s Professional Services Team.