September 1, 1999

NetXposure joins Macromedia as Diamond Sponsor of first Intership Open

PORTLAND, OR 1999, September

As Developer of the path-breaking Genrator Cartridge for Intershop, NetXposure joined a host of leading technology companies October 3-6, 1999, in sponsoring the first Intershop Open in New York City.

One of just six Diamond level sponsors, NetXposure joined Macromedia, another of its partners, and leading e-commerce supporters such as FedEx, UPS, 1-800-Database, and Acuity in underwriting the “global e-commerce summit” at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.

Intershop Communications, founded by Stephan Schambach in Germany in 1992 and relocated to San Francisco in 1996, is a leading developer of e-commerce software.

In hosting the conference, Intershop created an opprotunity for partners and 1,500 attendees to meet and learn about next-generation e-business tactics and tools.

One of those tools was Intershop’s own Enfinity. Based completely on the newest Java and XML Internet standards, Enfinity delivers e-commerce sales solutions to top-tier enterprise clients.

NetXposure, as a Hosting Provider partner and Technology Partner (ITP) of Intershop, delivers the exponential value of collaboration with a company that leads the creation of web-delivered sales tools.

As an ITP, for instance, NetXposure can directly access Intershop technical resources when integrating its Cartridge and other e-commerce development work with Intershop.

For e-tailers seeking help developing e-commerce capabilities at the local level, Intershop provides an introduction to partners like NetXposure. Along with referrals, those e-taliers gain an assurance that NetXposure is familiar with and capable of fully integrating Intershop e-commerce technology in site development work.

Intershop’s e-commerce interface enhancements, and the enhanced purchasing experience it affords customers, have lured large corporate customers including Bosch, Blaupunkt, Canon USA, Deutsche Telekom, Go2Net, Lufthansa, Nortel Networks, and US West Dex.

Focused on optimizing the digital link between interactive marketing and e-commerce, NetXposure offers its clients and partners the synergistic benefit of its own creative solutions.

With release of its Generator Cartridge for Intershop, for example, NetXposure has created a powerful bridge between the e-commerce functionality of Intershop 4 and the Flash animations of Macromedia Generator 2.

As just one example of the Cartridge’s successful application, it has added a powerful boost to performance and electronic sales at Pacific Northwest retailer G.I. Joe’s e-commerce site.

Suzanne Mattis, the channel programs manager with Macromedia, says the Generator Cartridge for Intershop “seamlessly integrates” the two utilities.

NetXposure, in addition to developing innovative e-commerce technology, helps create successful customer-conscious e-commerce solutions for business-to-business and retail customers. Founded in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, NetXposure is also a Macromedia Generator Premier Partner.

Macromedia is a developer of such widely used and innovative development tools as Director, Shockwave, Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand and Generator, which bring visual richness and animation to the web. Based in San Francisco, Macromedia has more than 600 employees worldwide.

Intershop delivers innovative e-commerce applications to a global market. Today, it has more then 3,000 customers, and its products are licensed to serve more than 100,000 e-commerce sites. Its products include Intershop Enfinity, Intershop ePages, Intershop Hosting and Intershop Merchant. Through global partnerships, Intershop extends its technology to leading system integrators, and more than 150 independent technology partners.

June 2, 1999

NetXposure brings clients top-level servers through partnership with Sun Microsystems

PORTLAND, OR 1999, June

As one of more than 2,000 partners and value-added resellers with Sun Microsystems, Inc., NetXposure brings its e-commerce customers a partnership with the world’s leading provider of workstation solutions.

Through its relationship with Sun, NetXposure brings to its interactive marketing and e-commerce solutions the strength and technical expertise of a global leader in enterprise server solutions.

NetXposure not only uses Sun’s award-winning Enterprise servers, but based on its familiarity and faith in the product line, endorses and installs Sun servers for enterprise-level e-commerce clients. NetXposure ranks among the top vendors of UNIX servers from Sun.

NetXposure’s clients have options in acquiring Sun’s products and expertise. They can purchase Sun’s servers directly through NetXposure, or they can work with NetXposure to integrate Sun products in their e-commerce solutions.

As an authorized reseller, NetXposure can represent such Sun products as SunSpectrumSM and SunClientSM Support, and Sun Educational Services.

In addition, NetXposure is an Authorized Software Enterprise Partner in the new Sun-Netscape Alliance created by AOL and Sun Microsystems. Referred to in the industry as “iPlanet,” this alliance offers customers Internet applications, infrastructure and e-commerce software.

NetXposure, in addition to developing innovative e-commerce technology, helps create successful customer-conscious e-commerce solutions for business-to-business and retail customers. Founded in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, NetXposure is also a Macromedia Generator Premier Partner.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that power the Internet and allow companies worldwide to “.com” their businesses. Among other products, it is the developer of the Java scripting language. With $13 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be found in more than 170 countries and at